Working Hard in the Classrooms

In music class with Mr. Jason Albertson, Class 1-408 learned all about the winter solstice, which this year falls on Tuesday, December 21. The winter solstice signals the official beginning of the coldest season in the Northern Hemisphere and also marks the shortest day of the year with the longest night of the year. Gradually going forward, the days will start to slowly grow longer. Students learned the lyrics of the song First Day of Winter by John Riggio. The children enjoyed singing this lively and energizing song. During the lesson, Mr. Jason emphasized the corresponding movements for each line. Music and movement instruction has been shown to improve children’s memory, cognitive development, learning skills and expressive ability. Below is a link to a music sampler of songs for the winter. The very first song in the series is First Day of Winter. Please click on the link to listen to the song.

In theater class with Ms. Kirsten Kammermeyer, Class K-302 has been learning all about puppets. In this particular lesson, the teacher modeled how to make colorful shadow puppets of a person or favorite animal by dipping them in cooking oil. First, students created a puppet of a popular person or a favorite animal. Second, students colored their puppets using permanent markers in a wide variety of colors. Third, students made a circle around the puppets and cut around the puppets using their scissors. Fourth, students dipped the puppet in a bucket of oil and then flipped the puppet to immerse the other side. Fifth, students removed the excess oil off with their fingers and used paper towels to pat dry. After these steps, each student had a translucent puppet to display and manipulate by attaching wooden rods.

In physical education class with Ms. Hannalee Fordyce, Class 1-408 learned all about soccer. For this particular lesson, the teacher modeled how to pass and kick the ball. A chart was displayed listing specific instructions for passing and kicking and guiding the students to have fun and be safe. Students placed their non-kicking foot next to the ball before hitting the middle of the ball with the other foot. They used the inside of their foot to pass and the top of their foot to kick. While learning the new skill of playing soccer, the children enjoyed themselves immensely.