First Grade Folktale Film Festival

Our first grade students presented their Folktale Film Festival on Tuesday, January 24 for Class 1-306, Wednesday, January 25 for Class 1-407 and Thursday, January 26 for Class 1-408. As we had written before, a folktale is a story that has been passed down from person to person. Folktales are used to help children develop strong reading skills, study other cultures, model positive character traits and discover a love of stories. Our first grade students designed cardboard cars to bring along to the festival to remind us of our popular drive-in movie theaters that originated in the 1930’s. Presently, New York has 30 drive-in theaters throughout the state.

This year, our theater teacher Ms. Kammermeyer designed an exciting and innovative activity to have each first grade class produce a film based on the reading of a book based on a folktale. The classes had a detailed discussion on the elements of the story and afterwards created an original screenplay.  The classes’ adaptations were performed and filmed. The presentation of their film was shown at the three-day Folktale Film Festival. Kudos to Ms. Kammermeyer for this exceptional film presentation and Mr. Albertson for his tremendous support and collaboration on this project.

Below are the films presented at the Film Festival.

1-306 – The Ghost Catcher

The Ghost Catcher by Class 1-306

1-407 – Abiyoyo

Abiyoyo by Class 1-407

1-408 – The Blue Bird

The Blue Bird by Class 1-408

Student-created Box Cars